Sasol Learnership General Information

sasol learnershipJoining in sasol learnership career program might be a thing that you can do if you already graduate but haven’t tried to get a job yet. In this career program, you will be given an opportunity to be a paid apprentice of Sasol Company in South Africa. It is surely great to be a part of company who crates many beneficial chemical technologies for people, including alternative fuel technology that might be a solver for fuel crisis problem that might happen in future. Here is some general information about the career program.

Since the year of 2012 is nearly end, it is certain that the recent sasol learnership is design for career opportunity in the year of 2013. Based on information can be found in the official website of Sasol, accessible at, it is known that Chemical Industry Education is a degree considered to be influential to whether or not you will be accepted for the job. Besides, you are also needed to own 5 different subjects of N3 certificate. Some other requirements that you have to fulfill also are good English ability, both written and also spoken, better quality communication skill, the ability to work individually or even in a team, and some sort of requirements.

In order to know better about Sasol as well as the sasol learnership career program, it is suggested for you to visit There, you can send an email on a provided email form to ask about the program and all things related to it. Or, if you do not mind, you can go directly to Sasol head office for clearer understanding about the career program. This office is located at 1 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2196. If you want to go there, it seems to be better for you to bring all things you might need to apply for the job.

Photo by Hannah Long