Head Of Department

Core area of responsibility:
1. Manage trainees and Facilitators
2. Research and preparation of classes
 Facilitating
 Cycle workshops
 Meetings
 Manage liaising between educational institutions, fee payers and the wider community.
 Mock assignments
 Trainee evaluation
3. Maintaining Discipline
 In venues and in or around the College
4. Administration
 Marking
 Moderation submission
 Peer to peer evaluation
 Revision
5. Mentor Programme
 Liaise with trainees and fee payers on the respective mentor group

6. Graduation
 Monitor Facilitator involvement and delivery during the graduation period
7. Induction of new Facilitators
Behavioural competencies:
 Professionalism
 Time management
 Self- discipline
 Problem solver
 Innovative thinker
 Team player
 Attention to detail
 Ability to work independently
 Commitment

Job Requirements: 

Educational requirements:
Degree in field of expertise
Skills required:
MS Office
Experience required:
 Constituently registered Assessor and Moderator
 5 years relevant working experience
 Applicant must be in possession of a valid driver’s licence

Job Type: 


Company Name: 


Company Location: 

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