ETQA Operations and Project Consultant

ETQA Operations

1. Maintain and update a Quality Management System
2. Ensure continuous compliance to different departments and stakeholders in the SETA/ DHET/ as well as Quality assuring bodies policies and procedures
3. Engage and build SETA/Stakeholder relationships, and ensure the holding of records thereof : attend all applicable SETA/QCTO meetings
4. Update process and workflow model for management of individual SETA/QCTO requirements
5. Plan SETA verification dates
6. Co-ordinate ETQA staff against activities, responsibilities : 6.1. Upload of learner results across multiple SETAs/QCTO, as per SETA/QCTO specific requirements.
6.2. Follow up and book external moderations/verifications/ as well as external moderation management and ensure compliance of all projects
7. Ensure registration and compliance of Assessors and Moderators (specific to SETA/QCTO requirements and maintain currency)
8. Facilitate quartely Facilitator, Assessor & Moderation meetings
9. Manage internal learner management system and follow up to ensure learner certification per project
10. Advise of risk and non-compliance (across departments, individuals and projects)
11. Manage Annual DHET/SETA/QCTO statistical and compliance reporting
12. Good understanding of Skills Development services
13. Good understanding of the Insurance/Finance Industry FAIS Act Fit & Proper Qualification/further education requirements

Project Consultant

1. Customer centric
2. Co-ordinate new projects and allocate to administration staff : ensure all projects are up to date
3. Assist administration staff when they are not able to handle customer queries per project
4. Weekly administration meeting
5. Ensure and check all client reports are completed by administration staff for monthly customer retention meetings
6. Ensure e-learning portal contents is updated
7. Ensure all e-learning portal errors are logged and completed
8. Implement e-learning projects for end-user licensing
9. Invoice per project
10. Quality assurance of knowledge and assessment materials

Job Requirements: 

Operated within the ETD field for a minimum of 5 -8 years
National Diploma: ODETDP minimum or relevant qualification
Previous experience in Education and Training Quality Assurance Administration / Management preferably in the SETA, Private and Public provider space
Vast knowledge, understanding and experience across the SETA domain, Quality assuring bodies, Outcomes Based Education, NQF implementation, training and development consulting.

Personal Presentation
1. Professional Image : well groomed
1. Own reliable vehicle

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Intelligo Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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