Correctional Services Learnership from DCS South Africa

correctional services learnershipHaven’t got a job after you graduate, you should check out correctional services learnership. If you are not so familiar with learnership, you have to know that it is an apprentice job available in the area of South Africa. You will not only be able to get some career experience there, but also payment too even if you work as an apprentice. If you think that this correctional services learnership is the right starting point that you should choose, you can apply for the job by getting a learnership application form. From that form, you will know that there are some requirements that you have to fill out. For example, you must not be employed. Besides, you must be in the range of age between 18 and 35. To be able to get the apprentice job smoothly, it is much better for you to own a specific degree of education, such as Human Resource Management, Engineering, and so on. Other than that, you can pass the program easier if you do not have any criminal record before. If you are interested in applying for correctional services learnership for 2014, there are several things you can do. For example, you can get the application form in some official web page, such as There, the application form can be downloaded in the form of word document so that you can directly fill it out with your computer. Besides, you can also contact a Labor Office Department which is located the nearest to your location. There, you can also get the same application form. Other than that, you can also get some further information from the Department, which is surely related to all things that you have to prepare to be able to apply for the job properly. Try to apply for the job now to start your career soon. Photo by