Bankseta – Letsema Learnership

letsema learnershipFor people who haven’t got a decisive job yet, letsema learnership might be the right stepping stone they should choose. This learnership job is designed for people who are willing to work in South Africa especially in the field of banking. Taking the job will make them get both payment and also experience in banking sector, which might be beneficial for them in future.

The application of this letsema learnership should be done by filling out an application form first. Since the job has something to do with a department named Labor Office Department, it seems that this kind of form can be obtained there. Besides, there is also an official web page that people can visit in order to get the form. The web page meant previously is The form which is available in that web page can be downloaded in the form of PDF file. Since the form cannot be edited, you have to print it first and fill all needed information later by your hand writing or, to be neater; you can also use kind of typing machine.

To be involved in the program, which means that you are accepted for the job of letsema partnership, there are several requirements that you have to fulfill. First of all, you may not be over 30. Then, you must not be an employee of certain company, which also mean that you are unemployed. Zero criminal record is also a thing required for the job. The last but not least important requirement is that you must be a citizen of South Africa. If you want to pass the program better, here is a tip for you. You must have the ability to talk English fluently since it is the only language that you can count to when talking to clients of the company.

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