Transnet Learnership: Freight Transportation Engineers’ Training

transnet learnershipWorking experience is really considered whenever you are applying a job. In order to get significant working experience you must follow particular training program. The training program you take must represent and have connection with your skill, your latest education background, and also your future job plan. If you are interested to transportation service training programs, it is good news to know that Transnet learnership opens new applications.

Transnet learnership is a good learnership over transportation interests. This learnership program is supported by Transnet SOC Limited. Transnet is truly concern on freight transportation services. The learnership provided by Transet SOC Limited is also focuses on how to deliver safe, reliable, and efficient freight transportation services. There are several integrated training programs offered by Transnet Company. They are about diesel and electrical fitter learnerships. Those two learnership programs are directly supervised by the Transnet Company. For your information those programs from Transnet learnership are resided in several rural locations in South Africa. To apply to this learnership program you must have the minimum requirement. The requirement insists you to be at least graduated from Grade 12 of Technical Matric with a pass in Math and Grade 12 of any disciplines with a pass in Math and Physical Science. Then, you must send your CV including the copy of certified qualifications and ID documents to the training school which is nearest to you. You can see their email in Please make sure that you can enjoy the whole training periods. It is a bit hard since you are required to work along with any other students. You must have vision to pass this training with good mark. Then, you can go for better work out there.

Transet learnership is highly recommended for those who are capable to deal with freight transportation. The training will be going to the mechanic jobs and engineering jobs. Math and physical science are the most required knowledge you have to have. If you are interested, please send your application soon before it is closed.

Photo by Gordon Instititute of Business Science