Nedbank Learnership: IT Learning Programme

nedbank learnershipNedbank learnership is specific training program for those who have competence on IT. This learner program is fully supported by Group Technology. Group Technology is concerning on developing program for resulting competent IT talents that are ready to work. Actually, through Nedbank learnership, Group Technology aims to give scholarships for those who can pass the strict selections. Besides, Group Technology still opens the recruitment for IT learnership for many applicants.

IT is very specific field which requires specific ability as well. In order to result good IT programmers and engineers, Nedbank learnership offer particular programs. The programs are provided for all applicants who can accomplish the requirements given. The requirements for the applicants are about the latest educational background which must have connection with IT discipline and the qualifications for skills. You can see the other information about application in their official website in On the other hand, the program offered takes one year training for the first stage. If the candidates can successfully complete the training well, then they must go for six months in the Group Technology. There they will spend six months through workplace training. They are given the opportunity to apply what they already got from the previous training program. Nedbank learnership fully concerns on the development of students’ IT skills. Therefore they provide their own materials in the form of book and training schedules. About the fees, all of the fees paid for books, classes, and any residential fees will be stored by Group Technology as the foundation company. Meanwhile, the students will still be paid as long as they following the training. As the reward for the successful students, Nedbank learnership also gives National Certificate. The certificate will be very useful for Information Technology Business bursary. It is required for their further jobs.

Nedbank learnership is qualified learnership program for those who are dreaming to work on IT discipline. It is not difficult to apply as candidates. You only need to follow the requirements and fill the application form.

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