Electrical Learnership for Electrician Wannabe

electricalIf you are looking for a job but haven’t got it, maybe an electrical learnership can be a choice. You can make your electrical skills improved by taking an electrical learnership. With it, you can get a job that involves installing or maintaining electrical things. If you have an interest with an electrician learnership you have to be comfortable in working outdoors in every weather condition and you might work in height because the work is carried out on platform, elevating platform and even on electricity poles using a ladder.

Electrical Learnership Levels

The electrical learnership training is including erection and maintenance poles, installation of underground cabling infrastructure, repairing the underground cabling, and other kinds of installing and maintaining of electrical system. And, the electrical learnership has four stages and it takes four years to complete. From the first year, you will get many kinds of theory and practical training. To pass this stage you have to complete every aspect of City & Guild Certificate at level 2. The second year, you will complete your theory and practical training aspects of City & Guild Certificate at level 3. The competence to pass the third year is you have to assess to the NVQ National Occupation Standards. And for the last year, you have to be successful in the Achievement Measurement 2 test.

So, what do you think to have an electrical career? This job is very important because without someone installing and maintaining electrical, your house can’t have the light in the night, also there won’t be any TV or computer or other kinds of electrical thing that turn on. Just start it from electrical learnership.

Photo by Watanyou Intachai