Anglo Platinum Learnership as a Mechanic/Electrician

anglo platinum learnershipDo you have special interest to mechanic and electrician job? If you have so, why don’t you try to join mechanic and electrician training programs before you go for your real job out there? Mechanic and electrician training program or learnership is a good program to develop your skill on those mentioned fields. We recommend Anglo Platinum learnership for reputable mechanic and electrician training programs.

Anglo Platinum learnership is supported by Anglo American Platinum division located in South Africa. This division is very competent on many learnership programs. By joining this learnership from Anglo American Platinum, you will get immense knowledge and developed skills for your future job. There are several prospectus training programs offered by Anglo Platinum learnership. They are millwrights, auto electricians, riggers electricians, diesel mechanics, and instrument mechanics. Besides those exclusive programs, the learnership from Anglo American Platinum in South Africa is also supported by compatible surroundings. It is located near Mogalakena mine which is very attractive and pleasant. The students who are joining the training must apply the application online in The minimum requirements for registration are simple. First, the candidates must obtain the N2 certificate for relevant trade. Second, the applicants must sign the learnership agreement. Third, if the applicant cannot obtain the minimum N2 level, the company will pleasantly allow them to join the trimester program to achieve N2 level. On the other hand, when you are applying to Anglo Platinum learnership, you must send your application with complete CV. Incomplete CV will be ignored. It means that you are not considered as applicant. It is better if you are able to use English.

Anglo Platinum learnership is a recommended learnership program especially for South Africa citizens. The programs offered are very compatible to support your more prospectus future. If you are interested, you can visit their official website for further information and training schedules.

Photo by Liane Greeff